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1. Fundamental
      State Established in 1998, Qinghai Geological Survey Institute was named as Qinghai Geology and Mineral Research Institute at that time, and was renamed as Qinghai Geological Survey Institute in 1999. Merged with Qinghai Minerals Survey Institute in 2002, Qinghai Geological Survey Institute has become one of the biggest provincial Geological Survey Institute in China with strong technical force and complete range of fields. As the main force of Qinghai Geological Survey Industry, now the Institute has attracted over 70% professional and technical personnel in Qinghai Bureau of Exploration & Development of Geology & Mineral Resources.
       In March 2008, we held the 10th anniversary celebration and reviewed the Institute’s development in the past decade to inspirit all the staff basing on the summary of our successful experience, and seek greater development by seizing strategic opportunities in the duration of high-speed development of Chinese economy.
      The Institute currently has 544 staff members including 420 professional and technical personnel (19 Professors of Engineering and 90 Senior Engineers), and 39 postgraduates. There are 8 functional offices, 7 branch institutes (NO. 1 Minerals Exploration Institute, NO.2 Minerals Exploration Institute, Coal Exploration Institute, District Geological Survey Institute, Geochemistry Exploration Institute, Geophysical Exploration Institute and Hydrographic Geology Institute) and 3 centers (Computer center, Remote Sensing Center and Geological Inquiry Center).Managed as an enterprise, the financial resources of the Institute is on the basis of project income. Presently, the gross asset has reached as high as 130 million RMB. Having 7 first -level and 5 second- level Certificates of Qualification for Geological Exploration, the Institute has passed three authentications of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Control System and been honored as ‘Provincial Civilized Unit in Qinghai’ and ‘National Modal Collective of Geological Exploration’.
      In recent years, geological survey income in the Institute grows continuously and increases by 20% each year, which indicates great developing tendency. Last year, geological survey income reached 180 million RMB and the average income of staff reaches 60,000 RMB. In this year, geological survey income will most likely exceed 200 million hopefully.
2. Geological Survey and Achievements
      The Institute has undertaken more than 460 geological projects till the end of 2007. Moreover, for the first time, it carries out some digital map-spotting program, and discovered over 300 geophysical anomalies, which greatly improve basic geological survey and research level, as well as lay solid foundation and provide technological support for the strategic geology survey in Qinghai Province. It is remarkable that the Institute finally determines the expanded range of ore band located nearby the renowned ‘Three-river region’ (Changjiang River, the Yellow River and Lancang River) and delineates the first-class metallic ore areas of lead, zinc and silver (coal & gold) in Tuotuo River area, which enable the local turn to be the largest anomaly area of Pb, Zn and Ag,and the most perspective area for exploring metallic ore bands.
      The Institute has discovered and submitted 21 mineral properties and 27 general survey bases of iron, cobalt, gold, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc and coal at those important ore bands at east Kunlun Mountain metallogenic belt, north Bayan Kara Mountain metallogenic belt, north part of the renowned ‘Three-river’ region, Qimantage Mountain metallogenic belt and Qilian Mountain metallogenic belt. Meanwhile, reserve of 16 more ore deposits has been promoted with the potential value reaching 100 billion RMB. Among them, reserve of iron ores in Yemaquan area is estimated to be 18.44 million tons, reserve of lead and zinc ores in Dongmozhazhua area to be 0.8 million tons, which is hopefully to become the second Xitie Mountain of lead and zinc ores in China through further exploitation, and reserve of copper and molybdenum in Narigongma to be 362,000 tons. Moreover, reserve of coal in the area of Qinghai Muli Coalfield—Mountain Hu—Southern Acang River reaches 2.327 billion tons which are all under control, and the proven reserve of gold in Dachang is 110 tons, which is expected to be one of the very few ultra-large gold mines in Asia through further work.
      The Institute has launched 41 demonstration projects of underground water supply in eight water-deficient counties like Ledu and Guide in Qinghai, which solve the problem of drinking water supply for more than 182,000 people, and bring great social and economic benefits. At the same time, the Institute has also made breakthrough in geothermal engineering in Xining Basin in the past 30 years, such as the geothermal well dug in south city, which has a flow rate of 1651.02 M3/D and the temperature of the well water reaches 62℃. What’s more, eco-environmental and geological survey carried out by the Institute has unveiled the causes of eco-environment deterioration in the source area of Changjiang River and Yellow River, which provides scientific foundation for national ecological construction and strategy of ‘eco-friendly province’ in Qinghai province.
      The Institute has won some provincial and ministerial awards, some department and bureau awards, as well as some sci-tech awards on account of so many geological exploitation achievements. Among them, the Institute has been awarded the title of ‘Science Exemplary Institute in the Tenth Five-year Plan Period’, and ‘Second Prize of Sci-tech on Land Resources in 2005’ on account of geological survey by 1/250000 scale on eco-environment in the source area of Yellow River at Qinghai Science Conference in 2005. Moreover, ‘Geotectonic Map of Qinghai Province and Its Specification by 1:1000000 Scale’ has won the ‘First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Qinghai Province’, ‘General Survey on Gold Mines from Dachang in Qumalai County to Qiongzou Area’ has won ‘Second Prize of Sci-tech on Land Resources in 2007’, and ‘Exploitation to Potassium -Boron-Lithium Ore Deposits of Dongtaijinaier Lake in Tsaidam Basin in Qinghai Province’ has won ‘National Outstanding Project of Geological Exploitation’ awarded by Ministry of Land and Resources in 2007.
3. Operation of Mineral Exploitation Right and Investment Attraction
      Mineral exploitation rights are the foundations for the existence and development of geological survey institutes. Qinghai Geological Survey Institute is one which has operated mineral exploitation rights from the early time. Presently, the Institute holds 88 mineral exploitation rights. In the operation process, both short-term and long-term benefits are guaranteed. In recent years, the Institute has successfully transferred some mineral exploitation rights of potassium ores in Gasikule Lake,gold ores in east Jiageilonwa,lead and zinc ores in Hutouya, M4 and M5 polymetallic ores containing much Fe in the magnetic anomaly areas of Golmud and Yemaquan, as well as silver ores in Suolago, with the whole value of those transferring exploitation rights reaching nearly 140 million RMB. At the same time, the Institute has ever established joint ventures with Inter-Citic Mineral Company and Terrawest Mineral Company in Canada, and Fortress Mining Inc in Great Britain by using mineral exploitation rights as company shares, which in all attracts 180 million RMB of exploitation fund, including 130 million RMB of foreign capitals.
4. People-oriented Management Concept
      In order to administrate the Institute and supervise the staff systematically, the Institute has worked out all kinds of management rules and regulations on the basis of the three focuses: economy management, safe production and quality management. The policy that positively implements achievement-related pays and advocates field production in the front line has closely knitted the profit of staff members and the development of the Institute together, and works efficiently in intensifying functions of positions, introducing competitive mechanism, establishing and perfecting flexible labor force management system.
      The Institute has also set up ‘Subsidy for Staff of Exceptional Poverty’, which does give aid to poor staff members, support their children for school costs, and provide medical subsidies to those who are stricken by serious diseases. Therefore, the phenomenon of no money for education and medical treatment has been eliminated from our institute.
5. Implementation of the Strategy of Strengthening the Institute’s Strength by Qualified Personnel and Sci-tech
      The Institute values talent cultivation and further education greatly. It has cultivated more than 30 postgraduates and 100 undergraduates in recent years on the basis of cooperation with some national first-class universities. Some of them have been awarded with ‘National Young Scientists Award in the New Century’, selected by ‘Talents Project of Land Resources’, and become leading talents in our institute, as well as provided intellectual support for sustainable development of the Institute. Meanwhile, some staff members have been honored as ‘National Model Worker’ and ‘National May Day Labor Medalist’, which lay solid foundation for the long-term development of the Institute.
      The Institute has spent 6 to 10 million RMB on purchasing advanced production equipments in order to strengthen equipment power, increase technology content and strengthen competitive ability.
6. Plan for Future Work
      The Institute expedites the development by implementing the requirements of Qinghai provincial government on reinforcing the commonweal organizations and by centering on ‘top-grade geological survey achievements, best geological survey talents and durative economic growth’.
      To provide sufficient energy resources to Qinghai economy construction by highly promoting the survey level and exploration range with the goal of prospecting more large-sized and rich mines, the Institute will enhance prospecting level, make breakthrough in geological survey, and also establish important exploitation bases for mineral resources.
      To enhance geological work for the construction of new rural areas, for the development of circular economy, and for the perfection of city's infrastructure, the Institute will implement the strategy of eco-friendly province construction, and expand the service range and development space for the purpose of actively serve for economic and social development.
      To drive the Institute on the way of integration of survey and exploitation and to improve its risk resistance ability, the Institute will make every effort to broaden geological market, strengthen mineral rights operation, and develop geological –extended corporations.
      To offer better service for the economic and social development of Qinghai Province, the Institute will keep close contact with Ministry of Land and Resources, and China Geological Survey to gain more financial support, will promote the overall level of geological survey in Qinghai, as well as make breakthrough in prospecting minerals.
      To establish Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station by cooperation with related corporations for the cultivation of top leading talents at the field of geological survey.

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